Announcing Digital Calligraphy!

The Latest in Digital Printing for Envelopes—Multi Print Media’s First Subsidiary Company

Surprise! Not only have we launched a new blog at Multi Print Media, we’ve launched our first subsidiary venture: Digital Calligraphy! I’m very excited to share this news with you as we’ve had the idea to develop a new company, focused more on consumers, for the past year or so. I hope Digital Calligraphy peaks your interest and that you’ll go visit the site and tell folks about our little company!

What is Digital Calligraphy?

Most people want the perfect envelope, to go with that perfect invitation, for their special event. Maybe they like to address their holiday cards in style but don’t like to use cheap-looking labels in the process. And these days, who has the time or budget to work with a professional calligrapher!

Digital Calligraphy is your one-stop shop for your envelope printing and addressing needs. Through our online store, all you need to do is select the envelope, the font style you want, upload your mailing list and –voila! —your envelopes are on your way to you within 72 hours and will arrive within one to five days, via ground shipping! And your shipping is free!

What Digital Calligraphy Offers

  • Printing on colorful announcement sized envelopes (6 sizes available! A2 to A10)
  • Return or full addressing services
  • Stylish font styles in a variety of colors, including digital white ink printing
  • Free shipping on all orders

It’s that simple!

Why Digital Calligraphy?

Since much of our client base at Multi Print Media consists of non-profits, educational institutions and for-profit companies, I wanted to launch a new company dedicated primarily to the average consumer. I did some research and found an unmet need in the digital print industry: professional, high-end envelopes for sending out wedding, bar mitzvah, and birthday invitations as well as envelopes for holiday cards and announcements for milestone anniversaries, births and engagements. In my research, I learned many consumers wishing to make a distinct impression often hire a professional calligrapher to do their event or announcement envelopes, which can cost upwards of $4 to $6 dollars beyond the price of the envelopes themselves.

The great news about Digital Calligraphy is that we can print your mailing list and return address on your envelopes using the digital white ink process! Think about it—how often do you receive an invitation in the mail with white ink on the envelope! Up until recent, you could only use white ink in offset printing, which means you shell out a small fortune in set-up fees for short-run jobs. That meant white ink on wedding invitations—while stunning—remained cost prohibitive for the average consumer. Now that we’ve purchased equipment to digitally print white ink on envelopes, consumers have many more options, without the major costs!

What Else Can Digital Calligraphy Do?

Right now, my focus is to master the envelope addressing process and offer competitively-priced mailing envelopes for all your special events and announcements. There are plenty of vendors who offer custom design services for what’s in the envelopes, but since many of my clients and friends have told me that they would be interested in a service like this, I’m launching it with a laser-like approach to see how Digital Calligraphy does. We do offer custom packages and are willing to do more if customers want that, but I built this site with turn-key precision in mind so that you can quickly navigate the ordering process and start production on your mailing envelopes within minutes after landing on the home page—making the whole thing easy and simple to do. True, we could have offered every font style available, but I carefully selected four main font styles for the launch based on past patterns from consumer clients that I have worked with since starting the firm.

Check Out Digital Calligraphy and Tell Me What You Think

Now that you know about our new venture, I’d truly love to know what you think. Please visit our new site and give me feedback on the styles we’ve chosen, the colors for our envelopes and the ink options we’ve made available. In fact, if you opt to choose Digital Calligraphy, simply enter DC2016 in the coupon code box on the checkout page, and you’ll get a 10% discount off of the cost of your order! This is a special discount you get only by reading this blog entry and expires on February 5, 2017. If you want to share the savings, send your friends, family and colleagues to our blog site first!


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