Want Calligraphy on Your Wedding Announcement Envelopes Without Breaking the Bank? Go Digital!

You’ve secured the venue, hired a caterer and you even got that hot deejay for your wedding who supposedly can keep your guests on their feet all night long. Now it’s time to invite your family and friends to celebrate your big day with you and you need to design the perfect wedding invitation and get those announcements in the mail at least 90 days from your big day. You want to be as creative as possible and design something that’s unique and reflective of your personal style, whether it’s formal, whimsical or “relaxed chic.” And since you’re already approaching your budget, you don’t want to necessarily go overboard, but you want something memorable.

What’s a couple to do?

Instead of trying to hire someone to do your announcements and envelopes by hand or take one of those courses that teaches you calligraphy via YouTube, consider a simple alternative that will eliminate some of the stress of planning your big event and make use of digital calligraphy!

Calligraphy on wedding announcements and envelopes looks elegant and creates a bit of class and respect for your special day. The more formal the font, the more reverence your guests will have for your event. Many engaged couples, striving for both a sense of uniqueness and creativity, often turn to a calligrapher to create the contents of their wedding invitation cards and envelopes. This makes the announcement appear exclusive as every card and envelope will be slightly different. That is, of course, until you learn that you may commit to spending upwards of $5 to $10 per personalized envelope. With a guest list of 150 plus people on it, that means you might need to rethink your budget a bit and who wants to do that!

With digital calligraphy, you get that same elegance and class—not to mention access to a wider variety of fonts and colors—that make your wedding invitations stand out.

Benefits of Digital Calligraphy

  • CostWhen you hire a calligrapher, you’re paying for both their skill and the time it takes to handcraft each component of your wedding announcement. However, couples often learn the hard way that hiring a calligrapher to create all the pieces takes up a significant amount of their budget, especially if the invite list for the big event runs well above one hundred names. Digital calligraphy saves your dollars that could be put toward a better deejay or upper tier beverages at your wedding, which your guests will remember long after the celebration!
  • Detailed AddressesOne of the things we prefer to do with invitation addresses is to never use abbreviations. It doesn’t cost any extra to spell out the words “street” or “apartment,” so we use the full spelling of every address item to make the envelopes look all that more elegant. When wedding announcements go out first class, it also means that your invitations won’t require that pesky looking barcode that other mailing services require for mail sorting and ease of delivery. To me, nothing ruins a stylish wedding announcement than seeing those set of lines just underneath the address. For your special occasion, you want to make the best impression possible when it comes to broadcasting your special day!
  • Variety of InksWhen you use a handcrafted calligrapher, you’re often limited to inks that must properly contrast with the envelope color so that the post office can deliver the invitations through its system. Labels simply look cheap and look like you’ve sent an advertisement as opposed to a wedding announcement. The benefit of digital calligraphy is that new print machines now make it possible to use a variety of inks—even digital white ink—on almost any envelope color, which can truly make an announcement pop when someone on your list opens their mailbox and finds your announcement waiting for them.
  • TimeWhen planning a wedding, one of the things most couples wish they had more of is time. There are so many details associated with a wedding that it’s no wonder that a typically calm, cool and collected person can easily turn into a ninja warrior when it comes to planning one of life’s most significant events. Digital calligraphy saves time in that all you need is your invitation list and the printer does the rest. At the very most, you’ll take a few glimpses at the compiled wedding list to make sure that it’s accurate and then a few minutes more to approve the final proof for all parts of the wedding announcement.

Planning a wedding or some other milestone event and want to design an announcement package that fits your budget? Contact Multi Print Media and one of our stellar wedding print planners will be happy to help you create a custom print program.

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