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Welcome to the Multi Print Media Blog, the blog and idea space for companies and associations to get great ideas and best practices on how to make the best use of their marketing budgets to generate results. Whether you’re a nonprofit association looking to maintain your high donors, a small chamber of commerce interested in expanding your base, a college that’s looking to increase support for your sports program, or a for-profit company that’s launching a new product or service, the Multi Print Media Blog is a place to come to for the best ways to get the word out about your efforts.

Why am I doing this blog now? Over two years ago, I learned that one of my best friends was a blogger for a fence company in Maryland. He’d been consulting with them for years as a sales trainer and then helped them launch a blog site to increase business. When he shared with me that within six months that more than 65% of the company’s leads came from the blog site, I was impressed. Then last winter, my friend asked me where was my blog site? I had no real answer other than the obvious—no time, no idea how to launch one and no perceived need for it as our business has done extremely well without one.

But then my friend reminded me that one of the reasons why Multi Print Media does so well is because I am a people person. Going to my local Starbucks or grocery store is a high social event. I greet people wherever I go, I use people’s names as if I’ve known them for years. Even if I’m on vacation, I’m constantly meeting new faces that often turn into friends. It’s who I am. When my friend reminded me that if I were to take my years of knowledge in the printing and service industry to be able to help more people than I could speak to in a year, I got inspired! So now after two years of hounding me, my friend can finally sit back and read!

In this blog, I’ll share with you best practices and my own personal ideas on how to make the most of your marketing budget, largely through printed media. Sure, some marketers will tell you the Internet’s where it’s at, but I disagree. There’s still a lot you can do—whether its annual appeals, catalogues or invitations for your annual event— with a strong print campaign. Sometimes I’ll write about specific tools or technical developments in the print industry; other times I may share a client success story so that you can leverage their strategies for your own success.

Most of this blog will contain my views and a bit of research when I think it’s important to share. I’ll also reflect on what I see happening to my own clients and some of the trends I find among sites that intrigue me.   There are other blogs out there that offer a well-researched approach to marketing; I tend to rely on the stories my clients tell me because they tell me when one of our solutions either succeeds greatly or results in an opportunity to try something different next time.

I welcome your views as well. Just make sure your comments and suggestions are relevant to what I’m posting. I will moderate this blog and will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant. I’m all about promoting businesses—the blog will feature some case studies in the future—but I don’t want people commenting here to draw direct attention to their own businesses—SPAM messages are not welcome here!

I do hope you’ll start a conversation with both me and Multi Print Media. Please share your stories as to what’s worked for you in the past and what’s something you won’t do again related to print media. If you happen to have landed here and have yet to get to know us, check out our main website.

Thank you for visiting this site. I’m excited to share my thoughts and stories with you so that your business benefits from all the things that I’ve learned and will continue to learn as the print industry continues to evolve in the digital world.

Dean Hastings, President

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